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Carl Long Motorsports (CLM)
is a multi-faceted company  based in North Carolina, the heart of NASCAR country. Our company direction is all things NASCAR to include tutoring upcoming drivers or putting a car on the track with your sponsorship dollars.

Carl Long is one of the most familiar faces in the NASCAR garage and he has numerous contacts in that community. Carl's connections will go a long way to achieve a goal based on your level of interest in NASCAR.

CLM is a growing company that currently owns and manages multiple race cars. Our Carl Long can tutor a young driver with sponsorship backing to achieve success at multiple racing levels. Also, we have an affiliation with Derek White Motorsports (DWM) of Canada who competes in the Canada Tire Series. Both CLM and DWM are part of Motorsport Business Management.

CLM can get the most from your sponsorship dollars which will get you the best chance at positive media exposure. We work hard to get the word out about your sponsorship involvement with our team even if it is only a one race agreement.

Please consider Carl Long and CLM for your investment whether it be for your company or your personal future.


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40 at Daytona Feb 2017
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#66 Timmy Hill
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07/29 - Iowa
#13 Bobby Dale Earnhardt
#40 Stan Mullis
2017 Race Results
# Race Start Finish
66 Indy 07/23 37th 14th
66 Kentucky 07/08 38th 31st
66 Dover 06/04 37th 28th
66 Charlotte 05/20 20th 17th
66 Kansas 05/13 40th 31st
NXS Logo
# Race Start Finish
13 Indy 07/22 36th 36th
40 Indy 07/22 39th 32nd
13 Loudon 07/15 36th 36th
40 Loudon 07/15 33rd 28th
13 Kentucky 07/08 37th 38th
40 Kentucky 07/08 38th 29th
13 Daytona 07/01 39th 29th
40 Daytona 07/01 36th 17th
13 Iowa 06/24 39th 38th
40 Iowa 06/24 38th 28th
13 Michigan 06/17 39th 39th
40 Michigan 06/17 32nd 27th
13 Pocono 06/10 38th 39th
40 Pocono 06/10 30th 30th
13 Dover 06/03 37th 39th
40 Dover 06/03 31st 34th
13 Charlotte 05/27 28th 38th
40 Charlotte 05/27 38th 39th
13 Talladega 05/06 26th 28th
40 Talladega 05/06 37th 17th
13 Richmond 04/29 39th 34th
40 Richmond 04/29 40th 28th
13 Bristol 04/22 36th 27th
40 Bristol 04/22 34th 24th
13 Texas 04/08 39th 39th
40 Texas 04/08 37th 31st
13 Fontana 03/25 36th 30th
40 Fontana 03/25 39th 39th
13 Phoenix 03/18 32nd 38th
40 Phoenix 03/18 31st 26th
13 Vegas 03/11 38th 38th
40 Vegas 03/11 32nd 33rd
13 Atlanta 03/04 DNQ -
40 Atlanta 03/04 31st 33rd
13 Daytona 02/25 DNQ -
40 Daytona 02/25 31st 13th

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