►7/13/2015 - Help Wanted

We are having a few growing pains and need to hire a mechanic that is a truck driver, fabricator  and suspension person . Possibly a couple of people to work in shop and pit car. The entry starting pay is at $300 weekend depending on abilities.

Respond to dan@carllongmotorsports.com

►7/12/2015 - Derek White First Native American Driver InSprint Cup


Derek White has just confirmed that he will be at the wheel of the Circle-Sport No. 33 for the July 19 race at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. The team uses cars and engines from Richard Childress Racing, one of the lead teams in NASCAR. This will mark the first time a Native American will race in NASCAR’s top category. White, a full-blooded Mohawk, resides in Kahnawake, just outside of Montreal, Canada.


Kahnawake, July 12, 2015 – Derek White secured his ride for the New Hampshire race at Kentucky Speedway this past weekend. The Xfinity driver is thrilled to have this opportunity. “I have always wanted to associate with the best, and I know that Circle-Sport team principals Joe Falk and Mike Hillman have exactly what I am looking for at this stage in Sprint Cup: great equipment and team personnel, and the right experience and attitude to help me make the most of this opportunity.”


White is naturally thrilled with this development: “This is an incredible deal made possible by our partners, Grafoid, Braille Battery and O.C.R. Gaz Bar in my home town.” In addition to the Sunday Sprint Cup race, White will drive in the Xfinity race on Saturday as part of the White Motorsports season commitment to that series. The extra track time will certainly help the driver gain a better knowledge of the track and make the most of his drive in the Sprint race on Sunday.


After a 30-year career in Drag Racing at a high level, Derek White has been racing stock cars since 2009, gaining the 2010 Rookie-of-the-Year award in NASCAR Canadian Tire Series before turning to more senior NASCAR Series, such as the Xfinity series this year.


In addition to his racing in the United States, Derek’s White Motorsports team also races in the NASCAR Canadian Tire Series with super quick rookie driver Marc-Antoine Camirand at the wheel, also with the support of Grafoid, Braille Battery and O.C.R. GazBar. 

►7/04/2015 - Daytona

We have been fortunate that the 40 and the 13 cars have qualified for every race this year up until Daytona.
Not exactly sure what happened to Derek's car in the 40 but it lost speed from practice. (See Footnote below)
Mark's car lost some speed as well but was quick enough to make the race however we have chains that connect the rear axle to the rear chassis so when you jack up the car for pit stops the chain pulls the tire off the ground instead of the shock. While on the track, the links on the chain have a lot of slack and the link bound up on itself and held the back of my car too low failing post qualifying tech.  As soon as we put the floor jack under it it popped a loose back to legal but too late. They already disallowed our time.

POSTRACE NOTE: Well to add to my 10 cent issues on our Daytona woes.. the 40 car lost speed as accelerator pedal bent and left the carburetor about 3/4" short of being full throttle.. not sure where the weak spot is but all will be braced and gusseted before taking it to Indy!

►5/30/2015 - Dover

After Qualifying today, I decided to swap cars with Timmy Hill to improve our chances at a good finish. I was sore and the belts and Hans really hurt and caused shortness of breath during Qualifying. During the race, my engine went dead at full throttle which put me out. Timmy had a tire issue and did a good job keeping the car out of trouble. Then the Track Bar broke and ended Timmy's day. The crew said everything was going just fine until I got on the Pit Box. Maybe I need to ride home with someone else and give them the bad luck I had this weekend. Click HERE for more. Carl Long (05-30-2015)

Everything that could go wrong DID! By now, you have probably seen the video by Fox Sports showing a piece of Tungsten dropping off the #97, skip across the track where it bounced up to the outside wall, then ricochet back down hitting me in the #13 square in the Grille. (If you have not seen the video, click HERE.) This was the best car I had and it is junk. The radiator, suspension and even the engine were damaged. (Oil pump belt was knocked off with engine running.) (05-29-2015)

►5/23/2015 - Charlotte: 
We had a tough day in the 13 green machine.. we worked on handling and were making gains on it .. second pit stop we had a lug nut / pit gun malfunction costing several laps under green.. then we had a fairly quick car and it appears a lifter came apart and did major damage in the engine including a broke valve. Carl Long (5/23/2015)

"Looking forward to being back behind the wheel at Charlotte! Charlotte is one of my favorite tracks. Growing up I raced on the 1/4 mile on the front stretch at Charlotte, and it has always been my dream to race the big track. I have been very fortunate over the years to live that dream in racing Charlotte in both the Sprint Cup Series along with the Xfinity Series. This weekend will be a difficult weekend in the fact that we will have to focus our efforts on making the show without a provisional. With the experience I have along with a great #40 car team putting hard work into the car, we have as great of a shot as anyone and I feel confident that we will get that done and race on Saturday." -
Timmy Hill (05-19-2015)

Click on "Jaret's Angels" logo for  more information about Carl Long Motorsports and Jaret.

►5/17/2015 - Iowa:

Conclusion: The problems continued with the 40. NASCAR gave us the green light work on the car but we had to move to the rear. We tried everything to fix it. Then, it started and ran just fine until Lap# 3 when it died. Carl changed clothes then started helping Johnny.
"Johnny stayed out of trouble and finished 31.. our guys pitted the car and did pretty good for old farts and some young'uns that don't practice this, like my XCaliber group .. on to Charlotte ..with JDRF/ Jaret's Angels and Industrial Technologies as primary sponsors.. Braille Battery, Workwear USA, and the OCR Gaz Bar race team ..
I also need an exorcist to get the demons out of my electrical system so Timmy will get a fair shot at turning a quick lap.

Frustration: "The 40 Toyota was cranked up and ready to practice. . When i got in it to go out it would not start, lost all spark .. we discovered the MSD box had died as well as the second one.. we borrowed the one out of the 13 and it cranked after missing all practice.. so we purchased another and its a different model and the car would start and die when the starter disengaged. . So we rewired all that seemed in question..now qualifying has started and we haven't fixed it..rushing thru tech and figuring i would have to keep starter on to make a run and be able to start the race..as it fired up something in the starter broke and the car stayed running however it is missing as the coils are not compatible with the box.. will take a look this am with NASCAR's permission and make sure the starter is not in pieces that will fall out on track.
Hope Johnny has a good run he developed a bad brake vibration in qualifying. We hope it was a loose wheel."

Carl posts regarding upcoming race: "Back on the road..Iowa bound..our team has added another new crew member this week... Dan Kolonda (sp) who has been around this end of the garage for years on several teams i have worked with.. He has taken the role as shop foreman and doo dat.. (that's when he tells others to do this and do that). I have needed an experienced person to add to our group..
Looking forward to this race... We have tagged Johnny Jackson to drive our #13 Dodge this weekend. . Johnny and I ran
his #72 car here last year and was a s/p. This time Johnny gets to go to the checker or wrecker and we hope its the flag!!! Timmy Hill was supposed to run it , then he had the opportunity to drive Cup at CLT.. so we tagged Johnny as he is a part of our MBM team. However Timmy's deal fell through and he is not in the Cup car.. We will have Timmy back at Charlotte next week in the 40 ..and i will be there in the 13..with a cool new look for us and JDRF/ Jaret's Angels as primary sponsor.. Braille Battery, Grafoid. .Work Wear USA and Industrial Technologies filling the other spot
Good luck to our owner Derek White and his Canadian Tire team on opening day in Mosport".

►5/06/2015 - Talladega: from Jayski.com
The #40 team that competes in the NASCAR XFINITY Series has been penalized for a rule infraction discovered during pre-race inspection May 2 at Talladega Superspeedway. The infraction is a P3 level penalty and violates the following Sections in the 2015 NASCAR rule book:
12.1: Actions detrimental to stock car racing Overall vehicle weight
B. Any and all ballast added to the vehicle must be bolted inside an added ballast container, inside the main frame rails, and/or inside the front sway bar mounting tube.
As a result of this violation, crew chief Kevyn Rebolledo has been placed on NASCAR probation through Dec. 31. Additionally, driver/owner Derek White has been docked 15 NASCAR XFINITY Championship driver and car owner points.(NASCAR)(5-6-2015)

and t
o answer questions.. we had a small piece of lead secured in a steel container mounted outside the frame rail on the roll cage to get the front to rear weight legal.. the lead outside the frame rail is no longer allowed and I never throw anything away.. it got used and NASCAR pointed out the infraction.
The 40 lost points and so did Derek White. Our mistake - Carl Long

►3/07/2015 - Vegas: We departed North Carolina for the drive to Vegas with the intentions of having an uneventful trip. That ended up being the furthest thing from what really happened. We ran into a snow storm that caused us to detour from our planned route which added 14 hours to the trip. High winds and deep snow slowed our speed which added stress as I could not sleep while my co-driver was at the wheel. There were many truck/trailers in the media until we ran out of it in the Desert country. 

Things were pretty smooth at the track with Derek White qualifying 35th in the #13 Toyota and I squeezed in a 31st starting spot in the #40 Dodge.  Derek had handling issues during the race which we did get better and it was his skills learned while ice racing that kept the cars rear end under him. Derek pulled off a 28th place finish while I only ran 34 laps for a 36th place finish.  Overall it was a good weekend for us as both cars made the race and the only damages was to the back bumper of the 40 which is an easy fix. - Carl Long

►3/01/2015 - Atlanta: This weekend at Atlanta went Ok for us. Cody Ware did a great job of racing around on scuffed tires in the #13. Our current sponsorship did not have enough of a budget to buy 6 sets of sticker tires and when we went to scuffs on pit stops they wore out before our competition. Thanks Cody for taking care of the MBM, Industrial Technologies Dodge!
I worked on the #40 Toyota setup to prepare for Las Vegas with Derek White. I think Derek will be pleased this weekend..
Well off to the shop. . Start today at noon to leave Tuesday by Noon for 3 week West coast trip. - Carl Long

►2/23/2015 - Sad News about Thee Dixon:
The person who gave me a shot to race in the cup series, Thee Dixon has passed away. I drove for him 5 years and made my first Truck and Cup race driving for his Mansion Motorsports race team. Thee and I developed a strong bond as he wanted to be the first black car owner in the modern era. I just did the best I could to help him with his dream and my dream of racing in Winston Cup. We made our first cup race together at the Coke 600, and we let Darrell Waltrip start the car as the #85 Kmart entry as he missed it qualifying.
Mr. Dixon, as we all called him, also gave Mike Skinner his first rides in a cup car. Randy McDonald, Jim Sauter, Gary Lloyd, Ken Bushard, Randy Renfro, John Blewitt and a few more I cant remember at moment drove his cars or trucks.
Thanks for taking a chance on me.. We who have worked for him, know what it took to WORK, , otherwise it did not get put together and you didn't race. . So if you wanted it. .you had to make it happen.
I was truly privileged to have been around him. He told me it didn't make any difference what color your skin was...you had to work for what you want. His skin was black and in his life time he had many obstacles but became successful by hard work and common sense. A real character unlike anyone I have ever known.. As long as I live there will be many of our racing stories that I share. - Carl Long

►2/21/2015 - Daytona Race Report:
We are very pleased with the final results of this years Daytona race. Both cars made the race and came home with a 21st and 22nd place finishes. Being a small team, the financial reward from this race has given us a boost that moves us into the 2015 season.
We did make a few errors that might have cost us a few places in the final finish. The #13 Pit Crew allowed a tire to roll into the Grass which caused a caution and cost us a couple of laps. We had trouble with gassing the #40 due to a rookie gas man struggling with incorrectly rebuilt gas filters during the off season. We could only get 1/2 a can of gas in per stop.
Overall, both cars completed the race in pristine condition which makes the sheet metal folks happy and keeps down on expenses.                                                   

►2/10/2015 - MBM Motorsports Press Release. (Click to Enlarge) 

►2/10/2015 - Daytona Update: Getting ready for Daytona with Derek White behind the wheel of our #40 Dodge. We also will be working a joint deal with Rick Ware Racing and Chris Cockrum in a second Chevy MBM entry.
Grafoid and Braille Battery are returning with Derek and MBM. We will have a new sponsor..(brought to us by Ms. Collins) who is Work Wear. Chris has Advanced Communications Group supporting his effort.
An official press release with details is being put together now. I will be in the garage this race, hoping to get Derek at the top of the chart! This is an early snippet of our plans. Most of your questions will be answered in press release. - Carl Long